Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Interview: Dr. James Clough, DPM - The Cluffy Wedge

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Z-CoiL dealers Hugh Solaas Shoe Safari , Caesar Snee (San Jose/San Francisco) and Dr. Lotchie Kerch along with Z-CoiL shoe owner Jack Olmsted talk to Dr. James Clough, DPM, about the Cluffy Wedge, a method that enhances the control of the foot as provided by a shoe, insole, or custom Orthotic.

"Unlocking the big toe joint can be your first and most critical step toward normal walking and physical harmony, by restoring your foot to healthy and correct function. As normal function is achieved, pressure on the ball of the foot is balanced. The entire foot and leg are brought into alignment and you are restored to a firm, stable foundation. This not only reduces your injury potential, but also enhances foot performance." -

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