Friday, January 13, 2006

Z-Coil A Unique Orthotic

December 21, 2005

Pain in the back, knees or feet is no laughing matter. It is difficult to move around and enjoy the simple things. Now a fantastic shoe store in Old Town Silverdale is ready to help you in living pain free. Shoe Safari is the only store in Kitsap County to carry the Z-Coils, a revolutionary orthotic devise (shoe) that combines a custom built-in orthotic with a spring heel. “We met a nurse at Swedish hospital that told us if it wasn’t for the Z-Coil she wouldn’t be in nursing” says Hugh and Dody Solaases, owners. The Solaases came out of retirement and opened Shoe Safari in February of 2003.

The Z-Coils are not shoes, but pain relief footwear. These marvels of technology reduce pain from surgery, age, incorrect posture, repetitive stress, impact and nerve damage. We sometimes forget that the feet are our body’s foundation. For a less painful body we need to properly care for our feet.

A sure sign of a fantastic shoe is when friends tell friends. Mary Fox, Librarian at Breidablik Elementary in North Kitsap is a proud wearer of Z-Coils from Shoe Safari all due to a friend extolling the virtues of the Z-Coils. “I have a bad knee from an old ski injury, plus the arches in my feet are starting to fall. It was difficult to even walk. Once I started wearing my Z-Coils from Shoe Safari, the pain disappeared.” Mary was impressed with the time Hugh and Dody took to fit her with her new Z-Coils. She loves the shoes so much she owns not only regular walking shoes, but also a pair of sandals and hiking boots.

The first step to a painless day is to start with the I-Step system. This computer mapping system displays the pressure points and arch type of your feet, allowing Hugh and Dody to create the custom orthotic for your feet. The first part of the I-Step measures your pressure points. Then you step onto the floor mat and the computer does the rest. Within 30 seconds a color-coded pressure points display is shown on the screen. The image tells you exactly where you are putting pressure on your feet. The second part has you walking across the floor pad and displays the pressure you place on your feet when you walk.

Once you are finished with the I-Step a custom orthotic mold is selected and fitted to your feet. Now it is time for you to select the style of Z-Coils you want to wear. Shoe Safari has 16 different styles to choose from. There are the athletic and exercise, nursing clog style, hiking, sandals and steel toe work boots. Each Z-Coil has a specially designed coil on the heel to lessen the impact of stepping. It is what makes the Z-Coil a unique orthotic.

“We already have 1% of the population of Kitsap County in Z-Coils” says Hugh. “When people walk in with tears in their eyes to thank us for easing the pain they use to have – that says it all.”

Shoe Safari is open Tuesday through Friday 10:30 to 6:00 pm and Saturday 10:00 to 5:00 pm.